Personal Narrative Scene

September 30th, 2016

“So where are you from?” asked Karissa as we were walking out of the Olsen Student Center. Being a college sophomore, I was already used to giving the spiel on my hometown that hardly anybody knows of. I knew that she was from Omaha, so I assumed she would have never heard of Alta, Iowa. Whenever I describe my hometown I almost always have to say the biggest town next to it with the smallest bit of hope that they at least recognize that.

“I live an hour east of here. It’s called Alta. Have you heard of Storm Lake? It’s right next to there.”

“Sorry never heard of it,” Karissa replied apologetically.

It’s always exciting for me when someone has heard of my hometown and even knows a person from there. Karissa doesn’t really have that dilemma like I do.

“To me Sioux City seems like a big place. The student population of Morningside is like the size of my hometown,” I explained in a sort of joking manner even though that’s actually the way it was.

Karissa’s blue eyes widened as her jaw dropped.  “Oh my gosh seriously?” she exclaimed. Our pace down the sidewalk stayed steady.”Wow that’s crazy!”

To me it doesn’t seem crazy. That’s a view on Morningside that she’ll never have.



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