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September 8th, 2015

I read an article from the New York Times called “Ellen DeGeneres Interview Offers Hillary Clinton Chance to Connect With Women”. It’s about how Clinton and many other past presidential candidates have sought to get interviewed on Ellen to show their fun side to female viewers.

This story is newsworthy because it relates to News Values such as Timeliness. Next November the polls will be open, so politicians are already well into their campaigns. People who like Hillary Clinton are now informed that they can watch Ellen to see a different side of her. Those who don’t support Clinton, now know not to watch that specific episode.

As stated in the article the target audience is women. The audience can also be Clinton supporters.

The lead is a little misleading. The title talks about Clinton, but the first paragraph talks about how lucky the Ellen Show was to get an interview with one of the most talked about women during the summer…Caitlyn Jenner. The next line stated that they also got Clinton. The lead did get my attention, but it also got confusing how Jenner fit into the story.

I also noticed that the author used adjectives like warmhearted to describe Ellen’s Show and the way she comedically handles interviews. This author was obviously a huge Ellen fan and had a lot of positive things to say about her and her successful show. Positive quotes from Ellen’s producers were also slipped into the article to make it more about her rather than Clinton. The author also mentioned how women are now getting turned-off by Clinton, so that is why she needs this interview.

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