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September 1st, 2015

I read the article from the New York Times called, ” Missouri Teenagers Protest a Transgender Student’s Use of the Girls’ Bathroom”. This was written by Karen Workman. The article was about how students at a Missouri High School walked out in protest because a senior boy turned girl wanted to use the women’s locker room to change for P.E.

Yes, this is newsworthy because it’s dealing with a person’s rights. Also ever since the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner event, transgenders and identity have been  popular topics of discussion.

The audience is both supporters of transgenders and the one’s  against. Mostly teenagers and their parents will be most influenced by this since that is the age range in the story.

 The title makes it sound like the protesting students are the enemy and to feel sorry for the transgender teen.

 The article quoted a parent who was against the situation. I would have liked a quote from a parent who didn’t have a problem with the situation or even Ms. Perry’s parents’ comments about the situation.

 Like I mentioned earlier, the title led for me to think that the teen was being victimized. The article contained quotes from her saying how she felt scared for her own safety, and wanted things to change in a positive way for other students struggling with sexuality. I did like how the brought in a parent’s opinion from the other side saying how his daughters right to privacy is being broken. I could not detect any sort of bias in this article. Therefore, I would have just wanted to see the view of Ms. Perry’s parents and if they will take a stand for their child.

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