My Favorite Dessert

My favorite dessert is whatever Sarah wants. I don’t really have a sweet-tooth, but she, like many females, has an immense weakness for sweet, oozing-chocolaty food stuffs. I typically refrain from indulging in desserts unless on some celebratory occasion such as my mother’s birthday. I never find myself craving desserts, not even after an enormous meal. However, that is not to say that after a spirited, gluttonous rampage in the company of others, I won’t follow suit and grab a piece of cake. There are certain occasions in which the consumption of desserts are inevitable, such as one’s wedding. At my wedding, I was willing to consent to the traditional practice of cutting the wedding cake and shoving it in each others’ mouths – though not for the enjoyment of the cake’s taste, but rather, for providing amusement to those in attendance. Had I not of chosen to partake in the cake-eating tradition, many people who attended my wedding would likely think of me as a poor sport and might go as far as predicting that my marriage would be one characterized by little fun and even less cake consumption.

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