Marshall Greene was born on September 28th, 1990 in Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, Florida.  He is the son of Morgan Sr. and Ginny Greene, and is the middle child between his sister Michelle and brother Morgan Jr.

From early childhood Greene has always excelled in sports. There was never a time when he was not involved in something.

“When I was younger I played a lot of baseball, mostly county little league and backyard baseball with friends.  When I got to middle school I continued to do a lot of baseball and even did a little soccer which was fun.”

It was not until high school that Greene discovered his true athletic potential.  He began to become fully involved on the baseball and wrestling teams through his four years at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, Florida.  While baseball was his true passion, it was wrestling that he truly excelled in.

“I really liked baseball a lot at Bayshore, but I found myself spending a lot of time with wrestling.  We had a wrestling coach at Bayshore that was very demanding of us, and made us all strive to do our best to succeed.”

Succeed he did, rising to become of the best wrestlers in the school.  He consistently placed well in tournaments and matches earning him high ranks in the district and state levels.

Morgan Greene Sr. had this to say of his son’s accomplishments.

“Marshall has always been very driven in sports, he can’t get enough of them it seems.  Over the years I have enjoyed watching him wrestle, play baseball, and soccer when he was younger.”

With Greene’s success in wrestling it was foreseen as him receiving a full ride scholarship to numerous different colleges. It was during his senior however that disaster struck.  During a backyard game of football, Greene was tackled hard and dropped on the ground injuring a shoulder that had already seen its fair share of injures throughout his high school career.  What followed was surgery to repair torn tendons on his shoulder, thus ending a promising future in wrestling.

“ It was really devastating for me, just to be going into senior year and having this happen.  I basically went from wrestling being my life and either competing or practicing everyday to having a cast and sitting around my house.”

Morgan Jr. saw how much this affected his younger brother, and noticed how depressed he became.  Since Morgan Jr. is hearing impaired he used sign language with this wife Hidi who relayed this.

“He was devastated, wresting was him, it was what he did, what he was known for.  After he had the surgery, Hidi and I both saw just how crushed he was.”

In time the shoulder healed and Greene was once again able to use his arm, yet it was never quite the same.

With time still left in his senior year at Bayshore, and swimming season right around the corner, Greene decided to take a dip in the pool and joined the swim team.  Greene did not go into the water dry however, having been a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool since freshman year.  With this experience on his back, and a natural swiftness in the water, Greene received some success in the water and had an enjoyable time with the sport.  Greene’s mom Ginny had this to add about watching her son.

“It was pretty cool to see him swim.  He was always a great swimmer and it was neat to see him compete.”

There was also a little swimming history in the Greene family.  His sister Michelle had also been a swimmer at Bayshore High.

“ I really enjoyed watching him compete in the water.  It brought me back to the days where I would swim on Saturday mornings, and seeing him in the water was special.”

After swimming ended, so ended the sporting career for Greene.  He left a mark at Bayshore especially in wresting.

“I really liked the sports I did at Bayshore.  They kept me out of trouble and I was able to have a lot of fun and make some really good friends.”

With high school in the books, Greene went on to work at various different jobs, while also continuing to work as a lifeguard.  When wresting season resumed at Bayshore, Greene took on the role as one the coaches for the wrestling team.

Greene eventually stopped working at the pool and got a job as a county lifeguard at the public beach in Bradenton where he continues to work today.

“I love this job.  It is really demanding and hard work, but it pays off with the scenery.”

11 Responses to “The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Marshall Greene”

  1.   Miranda said:

    The only thing I would change is maybe break down some of the larger paragraphs. Othere than that you tell his story pretty good, maybe add alittle more drama to his shoulder injurie.

  2.   Lesley said:

    Good writing, I really feel like i know this kid now. Other sources may be necessary to further explain his story.

  3.   Chris Levine said:

    It works I think. Got just slightly lost on when referring to when swimming ended.

    To think, Marshall is only 20 years if I did my math right.

  4.   Tom said:

    The story is good. I agree with Miranda and maybe break it down into smaller paragraphs to keep the reader’s attention.

  5.   Michelle said:

    This is very well written. I agree with Miranda and think that you should break up some of the larger paragraphs. Maybe get some quotes from a friend of his to see how his depression affected his social life?

  6.   Gustav said:

    Great profile. It provides different angles but also focuses on the relevant things like his injury and how swimming changed or cooled his disappointment. I agree that maybe you should add more personal character to this story by zooming into his social life and if it changed or not.

  7.   Jordan said:

    Great article Ryan. Plenty of quotes and excellent background.

  8.   Ginny Greene said:

    As far a depression affected his social life? Not a chance! Marshall, even at an early age was very eager to please and had always been very giving of his heart and compassion. He understood what respect, honor, and personal struggle was about. Marshall’s junior and senior year was about giving, he volutarily, gave his small bedroom up for an ever smaller room so his older sister could have the bedrooms at the end of the house for her husband and 3 children. Many times I would hear him state, I am never having credit cards, & I am never having kids!!, effected his life. Today’s society it about having it all, A GREAT BODY, A GREAT INCOME, A GREAT LIFE,

  9.   Ginny Greene said:

    When, in reality, none of that matters!! It is CARING FOR OTHERS, AS YOU, WISH OTHERS CARED FOR YOU! There are so many hurting people out there! Past injuries, Past pain, Past lives that others will not forgive, or forget. Love is the answer for all. Marshall is a Lifeguard! We all need a Lifeguard in our everyday Lives! What is your hurt?? What is your pain?? Where is your forgiveness?? Do you Blame yourself?? Do you Blame others?? Can Love Overcome all?? Let us know? Are the Worlds Values messed up? Do you need to be Saved? Marshall Save many from the waters of the Florida Coast, do you need help in an area of your life, is it keeping you under water? Let us know. We have all been thru so much in life. Maybe, Just maybe, we can help each other! This is how it is meant to be. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE. HOW DOES YOUR LOVE MEASURE UP??

  10.   Ginny Greene said:

    By the way, I think this is an awesome article!

  11.   Marshall Greene said:

    thanks for the article Ryan happy to see my story about wrestling out there, Thanks agin bro