Big Bucks

Ron Rea owner of Tobacco World stores in Western Pennsylvania sold himself a winning $1.8 million dollar winning lottery ticket. Rea, who owns stores in Uniontown and Belle Veron, says that he usually spends around 20 dollars a day on the lottery.

Rea said that the money will be a big help to himself and his wife in building their retirement fund.

Whenever I read stories of people winning the lottery, they never look like this.  The story never involves the seller of the ticket winning.

This was a nice article to read.  Rea seems like a nice guy who struck some luck and now the money will benefit him and his wife.

I would not have changed how the article was written.  I feel that it was put together well and flows nicely.  There is nothing that I would change with the article. All the main parts are covered, anything else added would just be extra.

2 Responses to “Shop owner sells himself winning lottery ticket”

  1.   Lesley said:

    lucky man! As if he didn’t make enough money selling people lung cancer, now he can spread his love in so many other ways!

  2.   fuglsang said:

    Aren’t you curious whether Mr. Rea is telling the truth? I am skeptical.