Spectator Bridges

Madison Square Garden is going to be undergoing some changes to add some refurbishment to the stadium.  One of the features that will be included is spectator bridges.

The article says that the new spectator bridges will alleviate the frustration of trying to watch a game while standing in the back of the very back row.  The bridges will be suspended above the courts during both hockey and basketball games.

This was a fun article to read.  I have a fond interest for stadiums and appreciation for the style and uniqueness of each.  This idea for bridges in the stadium sounds really interesting and appealing to me.  There are some downfalls that I can think of however.  For instance, how will the people sitting further up the stadium be able to see?  I think that the bridge would block off a lot of viewing.  The idea of bridges also poses a major safety issue in my mind.  There have been stories of adults and children falling from upper level stands in the past, and the bridges are much more of a threat.  Also, wouldn’t there be disruptive fans that would either accidentally or on purpose spill food or liquid?

The article was written pretty well.  One of the parts of the article that stood out to me was how the author involved the reader by making the reader look into the future.

If I had written this article, I would have included more response to the bridges being constructed.

2 Responses to “(Optional Assignment) Refurbished Madison Square Garden to include spectator bridges”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    I’ll make a deal with you, Ryan. If you do another news comment before Friday (12.3) I’ll call this the extra credit assignment.

    I would also worry about safety. Too many people on the bridge at one time and you wipe out the Knicks (or whoever).

  2.   Jerica Vitko said:

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