Texas man abducts boy

This is an article that I read online.  It is about a 20 year old man named Michael Palacios who is being re- acquainted with his mother Dee Ann Adams after 17 years.  He is has been away from his mother  because Palacio’s father Stephen Palacios Jr. abducted him when he was three.  Stephen received visitation of Michael when the couple divorced.  This however did not appear to be enough for the Stephen who abducted Michael and basically disappeared with him.

How Michael finally returned to his mother first started when Stephen ran across a news article.  The article was about a boy that was allegedly abducted by his father in 1993.  It turned out that Michael was in fact the boy.  What followed next was Michael persuading his father to turn himself in.

This article has a nice ending to it.  This also is not a story that you read about everyday.  Its one of those stories focusing on something that just does not happen.  These type of abduction stories usually end in death.  This story is defiantly news worry.  It does however leave out alot of information.  What happened to the father? Where were the two living?  Did the boy ever ask questions about his past?

The article was done very well though.  At the end you feel bad for the mother who has lost 17 years with her son.  This I believe was the main point that the author wanted to drive home.

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