This is an article that i found online.  It is about ground zero, and the plans for the site including the city blocks neighboring the site both future and present.  It is an interesting article that i would definitely consider to be news worthy.  The article deals with one of the most historical events in American history.  The article tells of how most people view ground zero as being very sacred.  The article also mentions how September Eleven affected everyone, and that everyone has a stake in the land.  This now sacred land used to be filled with people and business now it has been fenced off only allowing workers and family of victims.  The article continues by saying that now there is alot of unrest among americans who see the land in different ways.  A subject in particular, is the plan to build a cultural center and mosque blocks from ground zero. The article ends by saying that admit all this anger, there is still plan for the memorial pools pools to be built in the ground zero site.

I believe that the article did a nice job of covering all the different angles, while making sure to keep a focus on ground zero.  I would however change the ending.  The article seemed to just mention that there are still plans to have memorial pools built.  What are people’s reactions to this?

9 years gone, everyone’s a ground zero stakeholder – Yahoo! News

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Experiment with making clickable links, Ryan, so that I can read the story you discuss. With a subject as sensitive as this, it’s important to know the source. The way you describe it sounds very objective. That would make it a rare story on this subject.

    Interesting that when it comes to “ground zero,” so many people feel a sense of ownership.