News Comment #9

1 11 2012

I picked this article because first off, I know Alex Watters and this story is going to be familiar with not only a lot of people on campus but around the surrounding area.

Roger Martin traveled to Morningside a few weeks ago to spend an afternoon in Alex’s shoes.  Alex Watters is a 2009 graduate of Morningside.  He came to Morningside in 2004 on a golfing scholarship.

This article talks about the journey Alex has taken to get where he is today.  When he arrived on campus in 2004 he went back to Okoboji with a friend one weekend.  Alex and another person decided to go out for a late night swim. After the two got out to the dock, a gust of wind came up and blew Alex’s hat off. He decided to dive in to go get it. The only problem was he dove into 18 inches of water.  He instantly went limp and laid there for a few minutes before he went limp.

The rest of the article talks about the obstacles Alex faced while at Morningside and also what he faces today.  He has made a lot of strides since he graduated Morningside and one thing is his confidence. If you talk to Alex today, he was one of the most confident people you will ever meet.

I think the way Martin wrote this article was awesome.  While reading it, I felt like I was in the author’s place as he was going through campus in the wheelchair.  Even the little details he added in very well.

For someone who isn’t from around this area of the country, this article probably isn’t as neat.  For people who know Alex, to have an article about someone you know in The New York Time, that’s awesome! That’s the reason I read the article. I saw it was about him so I read it just because of that.

If you are someone who doesn’t know Alex Watters, you may read the article because of the title.  It’s intriguing on its own.  The story as a whole is very motivational and uplifting so I think that’s another reason people would read it.  You don’t hear about too many people that are quadriplegics so it’s a different type of story that may interest people in wanting to read about his story.



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2 11 2012
  fuglsang (20:47:12) :

Nicely done, Paige. And a good profile story.