Article 1 Draft

The economy – a large invisible force that few can claim to understand and even fewer can agree on – is one of the most important factors in modern life. It has countless contributing factors, some of which are beyond our control, while others are not.

One factor we can control is education. Education is the key to a competitive economy, and the state of the economy has an effect on who goes to college.

In New York, for example, a scholarship intended for 23,000 people received 75,000 applicants. While some were turned away because they did not meet the criteria, such as being in a higher income bracket than the one targeted, others were turned away because of gaps in their schooling caused by illnesses or accidents.

It should also be noted that colleges often have subtle but pervasive biases throughout their organization that contributes to an atmosphere of favoritism towards continuing generation students – those with more educated, and generally more wealthy, parents.