Plane to Omaha Crashes Near Chicago

A United Airlines jet carrying 61 people crashed near Chicago’s Second City Airport on Friday Afternoon, resulting in at least 42 fatalities at the time of reporting.

One of the victims of the crash was identified by the Cook County Coroner as Rep. George W. Collins, D-Ill., who was on a return trip from Washington.

Holy Cross Hospital has admitted 16 people from the crash, including the plane’s three flight attendants.

One of the survivors of the crash, Marvin Anderson, from Omaha, reported that “The last words the pilot said… were, ‘We are at 4,000 feet and everything is going well’ I knew something was wrong a few seconds later because he began to rev the engines.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash. The Board already had several officials in Chicago, conducting hearings into a recent commuter train crash that claimed 45 lives last month.

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