Feature Interview

Christopher Petts is a freshman at Morningside if you see him around campus, however if you get to know him you will find out that he is much more than that. He has his own music album on Spotify, he plays many instruments and has a very introvert personality. He grew up in many different places, as his family was constantly moving. He first grew up in Newel, South Dakota and Freeman, South Dakota before moving lastly to Yankton, South Dakota where he finally graduated high school. He didn’t have to deal with the stress of moving and adjusting to a new town and a new school and new friends alone however, as he has two sisters and a brother who he could confide with when things took to much. You may wonder why he moves so much and that is because his father is a pastor, which means he moved where ever the church needed him to be. However he does have some set backs when it comes to having a religious family, for example he wasn’t allowed to listen to any kind of music other than christian music, so when he heard different music at school he fell in love and decided to learn more about it and found out he was good at it. He then decided that it made sense for him to try and make music. He gets his inspiration in random spirts throughout his days, in particular when he is bored. He already has released “illusion” on Spotify consisting of 10 songs. When asked about the meaning of this name he said it is because he feels like most people who are artists hid themselves behind some pop music and don’t want their fans to see the real them.

When asking other people about Petts’s music they say that it isn’t necessarily their go to music however it is something will listen to and don’t mind his music. However it is also a shared thought process that Petts wouldn’t be Petts without his music and that as a way to let some of his feelings out. When talking Petts roommate Eric Wells he said that one big thing about Petts is that he is always laying on his bed considering more opportunities for his music, thinking of new ideas for songs and listening to inspiration. Another one of his friends is Dalton Van Briesen who also mentions how big music is in Petts life saying that “Petts is one of the coolest guys I know, on top of his abilities in the musical realm. It is definitely the coolest thing he does and one of the best things about him.”

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