Science Scavenger Hunt

Ever since farmers first strapped and hammered wooden crates onto their Model-Ts in the early 1900s trucks have evolved and have become huge, strong, and conquering beasts that fill the highways, garages, and driveways across America.

Three top selling automobiles on the best-sellers lists are pickups, and 3 of every 5 automobiles sold is a pickup. The image of a pickup truck is becoming synonymous with American toughness and  strength. Americans also like the feeling of a pickup, it sits higher and has a more comfortable steering position.

Throughout the decades the pickup has changed a lot. Back in 1925 people would have to take out the back half of their car and replace it with open topped wooden baskets. After World War 2 in 1946 trucks began to receive four wheel drive, which increased their payloads and made them able to traverse tough ground. Now today they have replaced the steel inside the pickups with aluminum, and in 2019 there are plans to replace the aluminum with composite.


One thought on “Science Scavenger Hunt

  1. That’s a really long first sentence, Nathan. Pare it down and focus. The sentence ength in the rest of the piece is mostly OK.

    The imagery is cool, but I’m not clear what the point of the story is. Is it just that trucks have changed in the last 100 years? Wht hasn’t? SO, what makes trucks special?

    I like the first two grafs. There’s potential there (toughness and strength and the male psyche). But the third graf doesn’t follow through.

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