Description Exercise

The last person I talked to was a caucasian female, she had dirty blonde hair that went just below her shoulders and was wearing a blue shirt and pants with gray and black speckles. She had on white sneakers and black low cut socks. She has brown eyes.  She was roughly 5’8″ and a skinny build.


In class we recieved a few options for food. I chose to select 1 donut hole and one pirouline. My donut hole is chocolate and covered in sugar, it appears to be quite unhealthy. It is roughly half an inch in diameter and quite soft. When biting into it, it melts apart in my mouth to create a near perfect bite mark. The pirouline are a white tubular wafer with what appears to be chocolate swirls around it. on the inside, it is filled with chocolate. They take a decent amount of effort to crack and pull apart. When you take a bite a rush of milk chocolate fills your mouth, which is the followed by a taste of the wafer.

One thought on “Description Exercise

  1. Description of the person is visual and mostly objective. “Dirty blonde” is the exception. I wonder what people think when they hear that phrase. I visualized Kurt Cobain.

    What does “unhealthy” look like? My guess is you are making a connection between donuts in general and heart disease. Is that something that happens a lot?

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