Scavenger Hunt

Zach Hutchinson has a favorite Morningside memory of winning a 32 inch smart TV. He won this just last night by playing Bingo. Zach said “We were playing blackout for the TV when they called my last number and somone else also yelled BINGO, we ended up having a 2 out of 3 tournament of rock paper scissors to find the winner.” Zach ended up winning the first 2 games of rock paper scissors and many people were upset when he yelled bingo.

He is now looking to sell the TV since he has one already. He has an asking price of $100, and will take it from anyone. If he does not receive $100 dollars he said he will try to return it to target or best buy, if that doesn’t work he will just put it on eBay and see how much he can sell it for.

Pastor Andy Nelson, the new Morningside College Chaplain, had a very creatively bent paper clip that I could use. He was very welcoming when I asked the question stating that he almost always has one because he is always fidgeting when he is sitting and working. He said “I am similar to my father in that way, I always have to be messing with something and have something in my hands. When I go home and talk to my father there are always paper clips and pens sitting around the house because we will sit there for hours and talk and have something in our hands.” When you look at the paper he generously provided it resembles a weapon which I mentioned and he responded by saying “It kind of looks like a shank, who knows maybe it will be declared a hazardous weapon.”

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  1. $100 sounds like a steal. Two nice anecdotes. I’m not surprised the pastor took the time. Kind of his job. I’m interested to see the shank he made.

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