Lede Exercise 4a

55 people diedĀ in plane crash in a residential area near Chicago’s Second City Airport. There were 61 people on board when the airplane crashed into a residential district in South Chicago. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) immediately dispatched investigators to the sight. 16 people were admitted to Holy Cross Hospital with injuries.

One passenger who was found dead was Rep. George W. Collins, D-III who was on his way to help organize a children’s Christmas party. Marvin Anderson, a surviving passenger, said “the last thing the pilot said to us was we are at 4000 feet and everything is going well.” One eyewitness said, “The plane kept coming lower and lower. I thought surely it would go back up in the air, but it kept coming down. I knew it would never make it to the airport and I was scared.”

United Airlines spokesman has said, “The plane, Flight 553, was due at Second City Airport at 2:30pm. The plane was approaching the airport with a 500 foot ceiling and one mile of visibility.” The flight’s final destination was in Omaha, Nebraska.


1 of 4 Armstong Aeronautical University students died whileĀ sailing at 5pm yesterday and capsized the boat. They were sailing in a 16 foot catamaran with no life jackets on, when it sprang a leak and capsized. The group clung to a pontoon overnight before swimming to shore, where 1 student had no pulse and was left behind. Before she went unconscious she was claiming to be attacked by a shark, though there was no sign of a shark when the others came to her aid.

It took over 6 hours for the students to swim back to shore which was 4 miles away. One of the students was sent to Halifax Hospital where he had been bitten by dozens of Portuguese Man-O-War.

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