News Comment Week #3

This article is about the Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett who plays for the Seattle Seahawks. He is known to be an activist for many different movements, and this article talks about his opinion on these issues and how he came to care about these issues. Some of the issues this article talks about it racism, heath issues (especially those directly attached to football), childhood obesity, and gender equality.

One thing that this article does really well is their lead, which is “Micheal Bennett is an activist disguised as a football player”. I think that is a really good lead because it makes you wonder what he does that makes him more activist than football player. It shows that he is more activist than football player, and he just uses his football player status to get a bigger profile to use for activism.

One thought on “News Comment Week #3

  1. I like the line, but I’m not sure that’s the lede. Just a weird layout thing. The “other” lead about the Sioux reservation is also pretty good, though. It doesn’t tell me anything, but it does make me curious.

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