Red wedding

What was supposed to be celebration of love, turned violent yesterday, when a shooting erupted at the site of a local wedding.

Richard and Laurette Brunson were married on the front porch of their home in front of 30 relatives and friends, as well as the bride’s 3 children. At the reception following the wedding, a fight broke out which led to Richard Brunson, 50 shooting his newly wedded wife Laurette, 38 in the abdomen with a small handgun.

Let’s hear from our correspondent live at the scene.

Thank you, I am here with sergeant Mann from the Sioux City PD, who will tell us more about the events leading up to the shooting.

“The shooting occurred at 5p.m. It happened after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at the groom. His whereabouts are still unknown.”

Thank you, sergeant Mann! With the groom still on the loose after such a traumatic event, the guests of the wedding, like Ms. Corse, are still in shock!

“I just feel so bad for the kids to see this! He ran off with no shirt or shoes.”

With that back to you in the studio!

Thank you! Mrs. Brunson was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital where she remains in “satisfactory condition” according to hospital officials.

With Richard Brunson still on the loose, police officials warn to stay away from shoeless, shirtless men on the streets.

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  1. Are you hiding a second personality, Nik.

    The lead is fine, Nik. Follow it with more on the shooting: Laurette shot by Kenny. She’s recovering in the hospital.

    THEN you, or the other you, can tell the story of the day.


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