Immigration on hold at the border

The Vox article ” The Supreme Court just let Trump close the Mexican border to nearly all migrants seeking asylum.” sheds light on a Supreme Court order delivered on Wednesday, essentially closing the border to all migrants by halting immigration applications and requiring immigrants to first apply for immigration in the countries they came through before.

This decision reverses year of asylum practices, where any person who currently is in the U.S. or arrives in the U.S. would be allowed to seek asylum in order to protect themselves from persecution in their home countries. It also did not follow the usual practice of letting a decision made by the executive branch be presented to the public for comments before taken in effect, which has not happened with this order.

The article is well written and explains the matter at hand as well as the consequences for migrants at the southern border, especially for a younger, politically engaged audience. The author also does a good job of telegraphing the seriousness of the matter without being losing objectivity.

One thought on “Immigration on hold at the border”

  1. What do you think of the subhead: So much for reining in executive power.

    Doesn’t that seem a bit biased?

    The last three grafs also seem important, but they’re buried. Interesting.

    I would agree Vox is a good source for younger readers. It tries hard to put stories and events into an understandable context.

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