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Short haired woman

I woke up next to her this morning at 7:30 A.M. She is 23 years old and white. She is average in height, probably around 5’7″, and is of medium build, possibly weighing anywhere between 155-165 pounds. She has short brown hair and by short I mean a buzz-cut, not just shorter hair for a woman.

Her eye sockets were fairly deep and her lips were full. She also had earrings in. One stud in each ear, with another hole in each for another earring. She looked tired; she had brown eyes that were open about half way. Her voice was raspy, but that could be because she had just woken up. Her voice is usually somewhat soft. She was in a maroon shirt and grey sweats.

The conversation we had was not much different than any other morning. She asked me what my schedule for the day was, answered and returned with the same question. She said she had a few classes to attend and work would follow shortly after. When I left the room, she rolled over and, I assume, went back to sleep.

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  1. crstaff

    Some good description. It creates a scene and stes a tone of sorts.

    A mix of objective and subjective, which is good, I think.

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