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California’s Safest Cities

In an article written by Karen D’Souza, a writer for the East Bay Times, two Bay Area cities are placed in the top 10 for safest California cities.

This article begins immediately with pathos by connecting to peoples emotions. It talks about how if one has ever lived in a bad neighborhood, then they know how safety is always a priority because of the things that one may experience in a bad neighborhood. The article then goes on to explain the factors that the surveyors take into account when ranking the cities. The study looks into “FBI crime reporting statistics and census data to establish which cities are safe havens.”

60 percent of the cities in this ranked list are located in Southern California but the Bay Area has a couple cities in the top ten. The two cities from the Bay Area that are highly ranked are Danville and San Ramon, which are both located in the affluent San Ramon Valley.

Danville is ranked first out of the 228 total cities surveyed having only .35 violent crimes and 7.83 property crimes per 1,000 people. The population of the city is currently at 45,088 people.

This article is relevant because of proximity. The cities are close and within an hour of the people who this newspaper is written for. This article is also relevant due to its currency aspects. The people of the Bay Area are dealing with tons of safety concerns right now like, future earthquakes, multi-day power outages and even air pollution levels. Knowing which cities are dubbed safest can be helpful for people and families trying to escape some high impact or densely populated areas.

Overall, I think this article was helpful for a person living in the Bay Area. It is to the point and presents facts and statistics to support the “why?”. The article is also presented in inverted pyramid form, presenting the important information in the beginning and lesser needed information at the end.


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  1. fuglsang

    Sounds good, Nick. I can’t read the stories from the East Bay Times because I’m not a subscriber. Is it being hit by fires this week?

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