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Paris attack leaves 4 dead

The New York Times posted an article written by Aurelien Breeden titled, “Knife Attack at Paris Police Headquarters Leaves at Least 4 Officers Dead.” This story explained how four officers were killed on Thursday at the police headquarters in Paris. An employee, who had been working at the headquarters for more than 20 years. It was stated ‘that the suspect had “posed strictly no problem” in the past.’

The article went on to explain how this event has made sure that security concerns will be brought back to attention. This is because there have been many attacks on Paris in recent years. It referenced the attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, where 12 people were killed and the terrorist attacks later that year that “left more than 100 dead.”

I think this article is important to the people of Paris. The situation may be concerning being that they still do no have a motive for why the man attacked and killed the people he did.

The article was well written and straight to the point. It had some in depth information about the attack and I feel it informed the public well.


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  1. fuglsang

    It also has relevance to the US, in that such attacks are not just happening here. It could also be relevant that it was a knife attack rather than a gun of some sort.

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