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How many burglars does it take?

An article in the East Bay Times, “Burglary crew arrests linked to nearly 20 crimes throughout Bay Area”, written by Robert Salonga reports a group of 10 suspects being arrested for being in possession of stolen ID’s, firearms while being a felon and other commercial items stolen throughout the area. The article goes on to explain how the SJPD Burglary Prevention Unit was in the middle of issuing warrants when they came across three felons in possession of firearms which then resulted in the finding of stolen ID’s and other items including “high-end bicycles and generators taken from construction sights, and materials from a break-in in May at the Union School District offices.” Following this information, the article explains that the 10 person burglary crew is allegedly linked to 18 burglaries so far, spanning all across the Bay Area.

The audience of this article are the Bay Area residents. The purpose is to bring awareness to the growing burglary and crime problems in the area. I also believe the journalist is using proximity, relevance, and impact. The reason for these are because it is in the area of the people(proximity), it affects the businesses and people in the area(relevance), and it has happened multiple times to multiple to people(impact). 

This article was fairly straight forward and gave a good background of the situation. The article also had pretty simple language making it every day reader friendly. I think this is a locally news-worthy article.

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  1. I’ve reached my limit of stories on this site, so I can’t read about the crew. What you describe sounds a lot like local journalism. Rather than impact, I might say currency. If there has been a “wave” of robberies, that will make it much more likely robberies get good coverage.

    I’m curious about the word “crew.” What makes a bunch of burglars a crew, and how might local readers respond (emotionally)?

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