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School Conversions

An article called “Fremont’s first converted middle school opening for classes Wednesday”, written by Joseph Geha at the East Bay Times, sheds some light on the impact of overpopulation on our education system. Over the past year, junior highs in the Fremont Unified School District in Fremont, California have been undergoing major renovations and adding on classroom buildings to their campuses. The article mentions how overpopulation in the area has resulted in cramming students into elementary schools that are not necessarily in their enrollment area. In my opinion, this article is news-worthy because it provides an insight into what our school districts are doing in order to allow more productive and effective learning environments. 

The audience for this article, I believe, are the parents of the community. The article uses somewhat simple language but also provides statistics that support the reasoning for the renovations to the schools. The article seems to be aiming to reassure students’ parents that the district is making improvements. 

This article was short and to the point. It gave the layout for future renovations to convert other junior highs in the district to middle schools. The statistics in the article helped for the reader to understand the importance of the junior high to middle school conversions. 

Link to story: https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2019/08/26/fremonts-first-converted-middle-school-opening-for-classes-wednesday/

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  1. Anonymous

    Well written comment, Nick. Good on audience.

    I wasn’t able to read the East Bay Times story, though, because I’m not a subscriber.

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