This article headlines how the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity in Lincoln, Nebraska had to evacuate their fraternity house because of a leaky toilet.  The leak from the third floor had seeped into the wiring and resulted in a very serious fire hazard for the entire house.  The alarm system was affected and isn’t able to be reset, which was another important factor in evacuating the house.  The house This article is newsworthy because as it says in the article there was recently a fatal fire at another college in the same city and it shows the public how other college campuses are trying to keep their students safe.  This article is also relevant to me because my brother is a member of this fraternity and lives at the house that was evacuated.


One Response to “Leaky Toilet Forces Frat Evacuation”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    Lots of people have brothers and sisters and sons and daughters living in Greek houses. And they want to know they’re safe.