This article talks about parents Brandi and Russel Bellew, and how their failure to take their son to a hospital resulted in his death.   The parents are very religious and have taken a very literal approach to the New Testament that says the sick should be prayed over and anointed in oil.  Their son, Austin, was 16 years old and the autopsy said he had a burst appendix.   The parents are now going to be required by law to call a doctor if their other 6 children are ever sick for more than one day.  I was shocked to find out that the family received only probation in this case for what turned out to be the death of their child from a situation that could have been handled medically.–abc-news-topstories.html


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  1.   fuglsang said:

    So why is this news, Matt? Is it enough that some people will be shocked? Should something be done? Include that as part of your discussion.