A man currently imprisoned for a murder charge has now been charged with assault as well.  Arkanjelo M. Kot, is the man being charged in a murder committed in July of 2010.  His newest charge stems from an assault attempt on a corrections officer.  This article does a very good job of painting Kot in a negative light by not only stating these two incidents, and his previous affiliation with violence, but it also says he is going on his third lawyer after the other two withdrew from the case.



One Response to “Man charged with murder pleads not guilty to assault.”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    Previous crimes can’t be used in the trial, however. They should have no bearing on what happened in this case.

    So why do the media report crime stories? Why this crime story? Doesn’t this story make him seem guilty before he’s even gone to trial? Include those sorts of discussions in these comments, Matt.

    You have some ground to make up. Let me know how your first article is coming along.