Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd explains how voters have been voting for the candidates that they see the most change in.

Chuck Todd spoke at Morningside College in Eppley Auditorium at the annual Waitt Lecture Tuesday October 22. People will recognize Todd as the host of Meet the Press and a T.V. political director on NBC News.

Todd was able to keep the audience’s attention and kept them entertained by throwing in a few comments that made the audience laugh. “I think there are more zombies on the debate stage than there is on the Walking Dead.” The audience gave Todd an applause for this statement, and most laughed and shook their heads in agreement.

Todd informed the audience that when it comes to voting, most people vote for where they see the most change. He said that for the past twelve years voters have voted for change, but there still hasn’t been any, and that we are still heading in the wrong direction.

He went on by saying if people were asked if their children will be better off than we were today, most Americans say no.

Todd used his family as an example. He said, “My family is better today than they were ten years ago, but they cannot spend the money like they did ten years ago.”

He explained that people are going to vote for the leaders that have the most potenital in changing how this country is ran but he stated that, “No matter how red or blue the state is, of we want to change the parties has to prove otherwise.” Meaning that the parties need to be able to prove that they can promise and go through with the changes they say they will make.


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