Dr. Patrick Blaine

Dr. Patrick Blaine is a man that works hard so he can play hard.

Dr. Patrick Blaine is a professor at Morningside College for the passed six years. He is currently teaching Spanish at Morningside and is bilingual in English and Spanish. He is also involved in many programs there as well. He also is involved in different programs around Sioux City.

Some of the things that have influence Dr. Blaine becoming bilingual was his time in school. He took Spanish when he was in high school and then not again until his third year of college. He then spent a semester in Spain, and started to fall in love it.

Dr. Blaine is a very busy man that spends a lot of his time teaching or participating in many committees that he is involved in. He makes sure that he stays busy so he is able to take breaks and have some fun.

Some of the things that Dr. Blaine likes to do for fun is travel, ride his motorcycle, cook, and make his own beer. He loves being outdoors and doing things like camping and skiing.

Dr. Blaine has traveled many places in his life and said that he loves living in other countries. He met his wife in Chille and has been married to her for thirteen years. They are expecting a child in February and said that their baby is going to be bilingual as well because his wife his also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Dr. Blaine did not always want to be a teacher. When he was younger he wanted to be a surgeon like his father. He said, “I wanted to be a doctor like my dad, until I realized that feet stink and I couldn’t handle always being around that.”

Dr. Blaine said that him and his wife plan is to eventually retire in Chille where his wife’s family is, but until then they are staying ┬áin Sioux City where they are both currently employed.

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