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Re-Construct a Scene Activity

The trip to Minneapolis certainly didn’t go as planned for Hailey Barrus and her boyfriend Dylan. Like any road trip, it’s always more bearable when you can jam out to some music. Unfortunately for them, their car speakers blew up on the drive up. Fortunately, they were still able to play music from their phones. That may be ok for a while but of course, that’s not the best way to listen to music on a drive. So Hailey with her quick thinking created a makeshift amplifier using an empty cup.

After they arrived the young couple went to several breweries in town. “Something that I found different was that everyone was wearing a mask and the breweries were limiting parties to three people. It seemed like there was universal mask wearing everywhere we went.” Hailey said.

The ride back to Sioux City wasn’t short of surprises either. Hailey received a call from her roommates informing her that there were bats in her house. Relieved that she wasn’t there at the time, her roommates then called animal control to remove the bats. As it turns out the blown speakers were the least of her concerns. When headed back to Sioux City Hailey found out that her roommate tested positive for COVID. Because of that, we had the pleasure of doing this interview over Zoom in class.

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  1. fuglsang

    I want to know how you make n amplifier out of an empty cup. How’s that work exactly?

    I would suggest scaling back the scene, Matthew. Rather than trying to do the entire weekend, just do the drive, or a brewery. Hone in on conversations and description.

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