Located at Morningside College

Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Clocking in for my shift working security for the college. One of the first things I do is write out Free Fruit Snacks Inside! on paper and post it to the door. Around an hour goes by before someone entered the office. Alex Freeman was just there to pick up his parking permit. Little did he know he would receive at no cost to him a package of Annie’s Organic Bees, Bugs & Butterflies fruit snacks. After breaking into the package and trying a few, Alex soon had a scowl on his face. I asked him what was wrong trying to hide the smile that developed on my face. “What kind of fruit snacks are these again?” asked Alex. Scarcasticly I asked him “What’s wrong you’re not a fan?” Judging by his expression he most certainly was not.

A short while after Alex left I had a student who wanted to appeal a parking ticket that they had received. I notified him about the process of appealing a ticket and told him there was nothing I could do on my end. Before he left I offered him a package of fruit snacks. He looked at me with a look of confusion asking what I was doing handing out the fruit snacks. “There for an assignment for my feature writing class.” He wished me luck as he left without taking a snack.

As I was gathering my things getting ready to leave Jack Shaver came in to replace me. Before I left he asked me what was up with the sign on the door. “Why do you want some?” I ask. “Sure you know college students can’t turn down free stuff” Jack then tried some of the fruit snacks. “Well, what’s the verdict?” He paused and after a few seconds he responded¬†“Not bad they have a weird aftertaste.”

Overall I was disappointed that my snacks sign seemed to be ineffective in drawing people in. I’m sure that I could have attracted more people by using a different approach. Perhaps I should have chosen a different location to carry out this assignment. By choosing a more open spot such as the library I may have drawn in more participants.

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  1. fuglsang

    AUNT Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

    Breaking in! Security staff humor!

    Good use of dialog. I don’t know Jack well, yet, but I
    would not have pegged him for a security detail.

    So, if you still have some snacks, the assignment


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