How the teachers strikes gave Democrats a win in deep red Kentucky

In the recent Kentucky gubernatorial race, the incumbent republican governor Matt Bevin. Who lost to newcomer democrat Andy Beshear. Kentucky which is traditionally a strong red state. Turned blue in part to the campaign started by Kentucky school teachers. The teachers, who organized on Facebook had a strong hatred of Matt Bevins policies. Eddie Campbell, president of the Kentucky Education Association, said he’s never seen teachers so engaged in the political process. When asked about the change Eddie Campbell had this to say, “The case they made to their communities changed the course of this election and the course of public education in the state.” The Kentucky Education Association represents more than 45 thousand current and retired educations as well as many aspiring teachers. Back in January 2018 Bevin proposed a state budget that would have required schools to reduce their budgets by 12 percent. In April of the same year Republican lawmakers passed a bill that slashed pension benefits for new and retired teachers prompting a walkout by Kentucky educators.

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