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NBA coach’s challenge off to a rocky start


Before the 2019-2020 NBA season, the league’s general managers voted to adopt the coach’s challenge. This new rule allows for one challenge per game, regardless of the outcome. Since November 30th, there have been 174 challenges and 75 resulted in overturned calls. Currently the success rate for challenges is only 43 percent.

Recently, after Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens commented on the rule after a failed challenge. “I’m done with these f-kn challenges” “This is unbelievable.” In response, Montey McCutchen the NBA vice president of referee and development had this to say “We’re very pleased with how a very difficult concept and rule has been implemented.”

The Rockets and Spurs played December 4th and the challenge rule was brought into play. Mike D’antoni challenged a call on the court. A strange dunk by Rockets star James Harden was not ruled a basket. Later officials admitted that they made a mistake. The Rockets are expected to protest the decision.

The article was written by Tim Bontemps and Brian Windhorst. Both have been journalists for years and are well respected. There is also a video segment from ESPN’s First Take. They both agree that the blown basket doesn’t matter. They still crumbled defensively late game. Which gave them the game in the 4th quarter.

Mega City Mall Story

An explosion occurred at Mega City Mall at 9:50 today. Police are still at the scene. We have several eyewitness reports. First, a local hospital nurse who was shoping for her son at the time had this to say. “Everything was like a Michale Bay movie. There were body parts everywhere . I was shopping for my son. He really wanted a turbo time action figure.” The local mall Santa commented on the explosion. “I was on a smoke break when I heard such a clatter, and all through the mall there was blood splattered. My reindeer were in the shop.”

Mega City police captain Ross Fuglsang commented on the explosion. “We are still working on clearing the site. We received no prior warning or threats of the explosion. We are working closely with Mega City mall management to ensure that the investigation is thorough and timely. We are in the process of viewing and analyzing CCTV footage in the mall.”

The Mega City mall released a statement earlier today. “Our sympathy goes out to all the families impacted by today’s events. We will work closely with authorities to find the answers and insure that MCM remains a safe place for our customers and associates.”

Zoo News Release

Unfortunately, the Midland Zoo has lost several friends. Homer the polar bear has passed away. Currently, the other two polar bears Yukon and Mckenzie are being monitored by our veterinary staff. Zookeeper Sara N.Getty had this to say about Homer’s passing, “Homer was a very curious and playful polar bear and we will miss him terribly.”

Regina, the bobcat died of renal failure last week. She was 10 years old. Kenya the giraffe accidentally in a freak accident. Zoo director Chris P. Bacon commented on the recent deaths. “We will do everything in our power to determine how this bear died. Animal welfare and the preservation of species are our primary goals here at the zoo.

Article 4 Draft

Image may contain: 3 people, including Logan English, people smiling

Growing up Logan English never had it easy. Since he was young, he spent a large amount of time in the hospital. Showing symptoms like uncontrollable shakes, sudden jerking movements, and loosing consciousness He wasn’t aware then, but Logan was showing signs of developing epilepsy.

Logan remembers how concerned his parents were when he first started developing symptoms. “I started having issues when I was around 6 or 7. I just remember one day my arms felt heavy. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. But later that night I had a sudden pain all over my body. It kind of feels like a charlie horse on your leg, just much more painful and longer-lasting. I remember trying to yell for my parents but for some reason I couldn’t. After what felt like hours the pain subsided.”

After alerting his parents they immediately went to St. Lukes Hospital. Arriving in the emergency room, they instantly were checked in and seen by an E.R. doctor. While describing his symptoms, the doctor ordered an electroencephalogram, more commonly known as an EEG.

( I will be interviewing both of Logans parents later today. I want to get some good quotes about what they felt waiting in the hospital)

Profile Anecdote Logan English​

            While I have worked with Logan English for several years. I was unaware of the medical challenges that he faced growing up. Growing up with epilepsy provided unique obstacles for him to overcome. After several surgeries and years of seizures he has finally started to see improvement.  

Mavericks’ Luka Doncic posts 35 point triple double in 25 minutes​

Image result for luka doncic 35 point triple double

Last night the rising Dallas Mavericks faced the injury-ridden Golden State Warriors. Luka Doncic leads the Mavericks to the win in an impressive outing. In only 25 minutes and 30 seconds of playing time, the young star accumulated an impressive stat line.

Luka Doncic made NBA history to accomplish a 30 point triple-double in the least amount of time. A triple-double is when a player has more than 10 points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks during a single game.

Last Monday playing a game against the San Antonio Spurs, Doncic had a 42 point triple double in the win. He joined Lebron James as the only player to score 40 points in a triple double before their 21st birthday.

In fact, in the first quarter alone Luka Doncic had more points, rebounds, and assists than the entire Golden State team. Doncic, when asked about his performance on Wednesday, said this “I’m glad we’re winning games. That’s all.” The Mavericks will play the Cleveland Cavaliers this Friday.

Overall I thought the article was well written. It shows a video of all of his highlights. One thing I wish was talked about more was his rise to stardom. He started playing when he was teenager in the professional leagues over in Europe.

NFL invites teams to Colin Kaepernick workout Saturday.

Image result for colin kaepernick

The NFL has a quarterback problem. With many starting quarterbacks injured indefinitely, even household names like Ben Rothenburger and Cam Newton will be missing the remainder of the season. With many teams desperate to find a reliable starter, will teams finally give Kaepernick a fair chance?

The former 49ers quarterback who was drafted in 2011, played for the team until the 2016 season. This week NFL clubs were notified that a private workout will be held for the free agent. This meeting will include an on the field workout and interview. Kaepernick was pushed into the spotlight when protesting police brutality and racial injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem. After the 2016 season, Kaepernick became a free agent.

Many people think that NFL executives did not give him a fair chance after the controversy. He certainly has more talent than some starting quarterbacks in the league. Kaepernick took the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII. He certainly has the accolades to support his cause.

As of now, there are several teams that have announced their interest in the quarterback. The Dallas Cowboys will have at least one representative to the workout along with the Falcons, Redskins, and Dolphins.

Overall I think the article is well written. It would have been easy to only discuss the national anthem controversy. While that was discussed it wasn’t the overarching theme. It includes a tweet from Colin Kaepernick talking about how he has been practicing since he left the league.

Last Night

The last person that I talked to was Jonathan Covert. I last saw him leaving the gymnasium. Both of us were doing commentary for the women’s basketball game. Jonathan has reddish hair and facial hair. Jonathan is probably around 6ft in height. Last night he was wearing a red sweatshirt with jeans. He has a voice fit for radio.

We called the basketball game for its duration. Afterward, we talked about the paper due in Dave Madsen class on Friday. He was concerned because he had very little done. Other than that we just discussed the game. After we packed everything up we went our separate ways.

Article 3

In the recent Kentucky gubernatorial race, the incumbent Republican governor Matt Bevin. Lost to newcomer Democrat Andy Beshear. Kentucky which is traditionally a strong red state. Turned blue in part to the campaign started by Kentucky school teachers. The teachers, who organized on Facebook had a strong hatred of Matt Bevins’s policies. 

Eddie Campbell, president of the Kentucky Education Association, said he’s never seen teachers so engaged in the political process. When asked about the change Eddie Campbell had this to say, “The case they made to their communities changed the course of this election and the course of public education in the state.” The Kentucky Education Association represents more than 45 thousand current and retired educations as well as many aspiring teachers. Back in January 2018 Bevin proposed a state budget that would have required schools to reduce their budgets by 12 percent. In April of the same year Republican lawmakers passed a bill that slashed pension benefits for new and retired teachers prompting a walkout by Kentucky educators. 

The center for disease control announced that Vitamin E acetate has emerged as “one very strong culprit of concern” according to Anne Schu-chat, the principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The sticky chemical has been added to some THC vaping liquids to dilute them. A report released on Friday from the CDC showed direct evidence of vitamin E ace-tate at the primary site of injury within the lungs.

Of the 419 THC- containing products the FDA has tested. 50 percent contained the honey like substance. State and federal investigations have also found many of the THC products people use are purchased from the black market or other illegal sources. In Iowa there have been 38 cases of the illness. 

How much time does Earth have? Our planet has been around for billions of years. We know that the planet will eventually burn out and be unable to support life. When that times come will it be like the destruction in the apocalyptic movie 2012? Or will it just go up in a puff of dust? 

According to CNN more than 300 lightyears from Earth there is evidence that two exoplanets recently collided. Exoplanets are planets outside our solar system. 

The star system where these two exoplanets are located is called BD +20 307. It was discovered by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope a decade ago. 

Scientists think that Earth’s moon formed after Earth collided with a planetary body the size of Mars billions of years ago Alicia Weinberger lead investigator had this to say, “This is a rare opportunity to study catastrophic collisions occurring late in a planetary systems history.” When asked local resident mark O’Connell had this to say

President Trump Ordered To Pay $2 Million Over Misuse Of Foundation Funds


After an investigation into the Trump Foundation a New York judge has ruled that the President must pay $2 million in damages. In January of 2016 during a televised event in Iowa Trump had said the funds raised would be distributed to charities. According to documents the Trump Foundation misguidedly used funds.

The organization is being dissolved. Now the money will go to a group of charities. The person who filed the case, New York Attorney General Letitia James had this to say ” The Trump Foundation has shut down, funds that were illegally misused are being restored, the president will be subject to ongoing supervision by my office, and the Trump children had to undergo compulsory training to ensure this type of illegal activity never takes place again.” When reacting to the verdict she added, “The Courts decision, together with the settlements we negotiated, are a major victory in our efforts to protect charitable assets and hold accountable those who would abuse charities for personal gain.”

The Foundation also agreed to deliver the remaining assets totaling $1.7 million to the charities receiving the $2 million ordered by the court. The President tweeted, ” I am the only person I know, perhaps the only person in history, who can give major money to charity ($19M), charge no expense, and be attacked by the political hacks in New York State. No wonder we are all leaving! Every penny of the $19 million raised by the Trump Foundation went to hundreds of great charitable causes with almost no expenses.” A statement from the Foundation said it was “pleased to donate” the $2 million to charitable organizations. Thanking the judge for not imposing a larger fine.

I do a majority of my news comments from Vox. I feel that NPR is more unbiased compared to other sources. Vox is more left leaning from what I have read. While most NPR articles cover both parties discussed in the article.

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