Ashy B.

The last conversation that was had with Ashley Boer was about how we were going to be late for class. We hoped we wouldn’t get in trouble and figured since we were talking in with three others that were in the same class that got out late, we would probably be fine. Boer said, “I really hope so.” As we walked into the library building someone held the door open for us and we both thanked the man. We walked into the classroom and our teacher asked if we all road together, we laughed and sat down for class.

Boer was wearing a white Carhartt beanie and her brown hair with blonde high lights were popping out. Her hair is medium in length, almost to the middle of her back. she is wearing peach and black ombre leggings with a white Okoboji sweatshirt. Her 8 1/2 size feet was wearing light grey DMX Reebok shoes. Boer had big blue and she is tan.

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  1. crstaff

    Get in trouble? Not my habit to get angry if sudents are late. I would be permanently angry.

    The fact that you mention her shoe size makes me wonder why it’s important. What does it mean?

    And what does the last sentence mean? Is it an inside joke?

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