Nicholas Loya moved to Sioux City from Fremont, California to play football along with study secondary english education with an endorsements in coaching and ESL.

The reason Loya chose to go into the education field is because he hopes to make the classroom fun and interesting for students. Loya said, “I don’t want students to have the same experiences I had dreading having to go to class.” His hopes are to make his classroom interactive while making learning fun for everyone.

Loya had two teachers in his 12 years of schooling that he felt were good teachers. The first teacher was Mr. Navarro who was his high school geometry teacher. Although he doesnt have plans to teach math, he still liked the teaching style. The second was Mrs. Anderson who was his high school english teacher. Both of these teachers helped shape Loya’s decision to enter the education system.

It is all too common for students to fall disinterested in school. We need more teachers who are motivated to make the classroom a fun learning environment. That is why Nicholas Loya is going to be a great English teacher some day.