California’s deliberate blackouts were outrageous and harmful. They’re going to happen again.

Last week 738,000 customers power was shut off intentionally. These families were told they were getting their power shut off and some had no power for days. 1,370 public schools lost power and 400 of them sent 135,000 students home to parents scrambling to cover their jobs. Highways, roads, and intersections went dark without notice and caused traffic accidents. Food was lost in freezers and fridges of homes and even grocery stores. “It’s pretty safe to say it did not go well.”

Being from California, writing this would be very hard for me to stay neutral and put my opinion of the blackout in here. This article is very well written in addressing how this effected the residents, which is very important to realize, and later continues to address how these blackouts will continue to happen and the repercussions. This article is very informational if you live in California. I think presenting evidence is important when writing articles for this class and reading this article helps me see how important structure is when presenting information like this so that it all makes sense. The author does a great job at doing that.

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  1. I’m not so sure the writer of this story stays objective. But other than talking from PG&E, who would support their actions? Would you need to find that one person? No.

    Just talk to people and get their responses into a story that explains what happens. Putting your own feelings wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, be necessary.

    Vox does a good job with transitions and organization.

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