How Responsible Are Our Tech Giants?: Facebook.

The European Court of Justice ruling is seen as a defeat for Facebook and other tech giants because this forces them to block or remove unlawful material. This would cause them increased monitoring what would appear on the internet.The one drawback from this would be that any request would have to go through a longer procedure than a simple complaint to a regulator. The court ruled after an Austrian politican sued Facebook in her home nation to remove comments she considered bad for her reputation in a post that could be seen by any Facebook user. Austria’s court turned to EU’s top court for help. This court case raises questions around freedom of expression. This move comes after the same court ruled last month that the EU’s “Right to be forgotten” rule- which allows people to ask for the removal of some search results that come up for their name.

This article by Samuel Petrequin was very interesting for me to read. Since taking Law of Miscommunication, it was interesting to see what we learned is actually happening. I can sense Samuels opinion in this article sometimes just based on the facts he chose to use. With us learning about interviews and leaving our opinions out of our stories, this was a good one for me to read to be aware of how other readers can see little bits on opinion in stories.

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  1. Just so you know: COMM 311 is NOT Law of Miscommunication.

    I’m interested in what info from the story suggests bias.

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