News Comment #4: After vaping-related illness, teen now has lungs like ‘a 70-year-old’s’

Adam Hergenreder, an 18-year-old athlete from Gurnee, Illinois, was hospitalized due to his vaping habit. Doctors told him his lungs are similar to a 70-year-old adult.

Vaping so much caused Hergenreder to experienced shivers and nonstop throwing up. If he hadn’t gone in to see a doctor, he could of died from his lungs collapsing. He said, “If I had known what it was doing to my body, I would have never even touched it, but I didn’t know…I wasn’t educated.”

Hergenreder is not the only one to suffer from vaping. There have been many other causes where people have even died from vaping. E-cigarettes have gotten popular towards high school and middle school students, because of the popular flavors.

The article continues on with how bad the vaping situation is and brings up a possibility of the Trump administration to remove e-cigarettes.

This article starts off with a good lead; how is it possible for a teen to get terrible lungs? It begins by introducing the teen affected and goes back and for between the story of the teen and the huge vaping issue. It is creative because people want to know what is happening to the kid, but have to read through the data and governmental topics that are taken because of the increase in medical treatments because of vaping.

The article is long but it covers the important topics happening.

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News Comment #3:A Minnesota woman was killed in a rare black bear attack on a secluded island in Canada

Red Pine Island is on Rainy Lake in Ontario

Catherine Sweatt-Mueller, a 62 year old woman from Minnesota, was visiting her parents in Canada.

Sweatt-Mueller’s parents live on their family-owned island, on Rainy Lake in Ontario. The island is secluded.

Sweatt-Mueller noticed her dogs barking strangely outside. She went to check on them and only the dogs ended up returning to the cabin.

Officers got the call and arrived to find a black bear standing over her body. She was dead.

Police shot the black bear, which led to two other black bears to flee the area.

This event is rare and the body of the black bear was sent to the University of Guelph to undergo necropsy.

This article shows a few of the news values. It is unusual; one thing being that bear attacks are rare, but that it is of a woman from the United States. Another value is proximity. Again, stating that she is from the United States; people would relate because she is also a citizen and people read about other American-situated stories.

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News Comment #2: A Maryland man is accused of fatally shooting his Uber driver and another passenger

Aaron Lanier Wilson, Jr. is accused of shooting an Uber driver, Tchakounte, and his passenger, Robinson. Police found the bodies of the victims Tuesday night.

One of the specialties of getting an Uber is you can share the ride and split the price with another passenger. Wilson confessed to being the other rider and that he was high on PCP.

No connections were thought of by the police as they investigated the victims and Wilson. Wilson was arrested due to his relation with the deaths and is being charged for first and second-degree murder, as stated by the police.

This article is a good example of objectivity. The journalists got their information from the police, kept the facts straightforward and specific and even spoke to a relative of one of the victims for additional input.

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News Comment #1: Opinion: Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels

President Donald Trump called out the Democratic congresswomen in a “racist” manor in one of his recent tweets. This is hard for journalist, as whether or not to put a label on him. Journalist are thought to only, “report and interview and attribute”. They are not there to judge; only to provide facts. Yet, in today’s times, it can be hard to tell if you are crossing the line or just reporting.

I agree with this article. There is no need to add in your opinion when reporting. Labels are created based on opinions and journalist are not reporting opinions. If you are working in this field; to report in the media and/or journalism, it is only meant for facts and statements. Leave it to the rest of society, not in this field, to spark up the labels.

This article did well on describing the issue, sharing the history of the issue, and providing a solid result. It is a nice reminder that journalist are meant to provide facts, not opinions.

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