News Comment #1: Opinion: Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels

President Donald Trump called out the Democratic congresswomen in a “racist” manor in one of his recent tweets. This is hard for journalist, as whether or not to put a label on him. Journalist are thought to only, “report and interview and attribute”. They are not there to judge; only to provide facts. Yet, in today’s times, it can be hard to tell if you are crossing the line or just reporting.

I agree with this article. There is no need to add in your opinion when reporting. Labels are created based on opinions and journalist are not reporting opinions. If you are working in this field; to report in the media and/or journalism, it is only meant for facts and statements. Leave it to the rest of society, not in this field, to spark up the labels.

This article did well on describing the issue, sharing the history of the issue, and providing a solid result. It is a nice reminder that journalist are meant to provide facts, not opinions.

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