Posted on June 3rd, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

Four our last class of May Term, we ate at Minervas. Hands down this was my favorite restaurant. Because we let Heidi drive we were five minutes late because we got stopped by a train, but even that couldn’t put a damper on this lunch.

When we walked in we were seated at the table of our class and I was informed by the waitress today was a “drink on Elder day.” I had her grab me a drink menu, and at the recommendation of Elder himself, I ordered a Mojito. I have never ordered a “girly” drink at a restaurant before and definitely never had a mojito before. When it came out in the very tall glass I couldn’t put it down. The fruit and the alcohol was mixed perfectly together with some mint leaves to set it over the top.

Since today was the last day I thought to myself, “self, you should get a couple more drinks.” So I took my advice and for my second drink I conferred with Heidi to get a woman’s opinion and she recommended I go with the Ocean Breeze. This one was just as good if not better than the mojito. As Heidi said, “I looked over one minute and it was full, and the next it was empty!” That is how you can tell a good drink.


Once I finally got settled down with my drinks we went around and all ordered appetizers. I went with the chicken quesadilla. I figured this was a good spin for me to get and would compliment my Chicago Dip well, which is what I ordered for my main entrée.



This was a little longer wait for our food then usual but I was not complaining because it was the last day and I was socializing with my class and teacher a lot. But when our food finally came out it looked delicious. I have never ordered any kind of dip before even though I’ve always wanted to try one. This was a well put together sandwich too. Usually when people make dip sandwiches they have issues staying together, but this one was perfectly crafted from hand and placed gloriously together.

Once my meal was there my drink was empty again, so I had to order one more. This time I went with the Sangria. This was hands down my favorite one. It was a mango taste to it and went down the fastest of them all. The presentation of these drinks were spectacular. I have never had more perfectly mixed drinks.




She handed out dessert menus next and I didn’t know what to even look at. Heidi has a pretty sweet tooth so I decided to double hers cause I knew I couldn’t go wrong there. We got the dark chocolate torte. It was like a rich creamy chocolate cake. It was drizzled in cherries and cherry sauce. The sauce and the cherries made this thing melt in my mouth. I was so impressed with this place that the next time I am lucky to get a date, I will bring her here. (And hopefully it turns out better than Elder’s in high school)

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