Bev’s On The River

Posted on June 3rd, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

Today we ate at Bev’s on the River. This was by far the fanciest place we had been so far. Located just off the River on the west part of town, this place looked good from first sight. The wait staff was very friendly when we walked in. Even though our teacher was sitting at a different table today, they still took care of us.


I ordered an iced tea and she also brought out a tray of sweetener, which was so clutch.

I had looked at the menu online when I was trying to find the place and saw how many good foods they had. I noticed that they had some pretty good appetizers and like usual I ordered one. I decided I wanted to go with the jumbo shrimp. This was brought to me very quickly.


I noticed that online their guarantee is to get you back to work over lunch in an hour. Being downtown this is very important. Some of the other restaurants we went to were not so good about the speed of service.

After we got our appetizers she took our main entrée order. I decided I wanted to go with the country fried steak. This caught my eye the night before on the internet and I had a craving for it so I decided to go with it. The entrée came with a choice of soup or salad for a side, and I went with the salad. Promptly after our appetizer was gone she brought us our salads. I had honey mustard with mine. The salad was one of the best salads I have ever had in Sioux City. The best part was the breadstick. I have never had a breadstick taste so sweet and so perfect. Those made me want to keep eating breadstick after breadstick.


Finally the main course comes out. I see a hot steaming plate of country fried steak and my mouth started watering immediately. I dug in and took a bite and was just put in shock of how good this was.


For dessert, of course I got dessert, I got the fried apple dumpling. I had forgot to order fried ice cream the day before so I had a craving in my sweet tooth. This was also highly recommended by the waitress. Once that came out I was completely full. The apples were so hot and steaming that I had to wait a minute before I could dig in. The soft ice cream was the perfect compliment to the hot apples. I have always liked hot apples and these were really good.


Overall this was probably one of my favorite places of May Term. The service was extremely fast and they were so friendly that I wanted to come back. It was also pretty busy at lunch hour so I know that their reputation was fantastic. And plus- who doesn’t like that beautiful view of the Missouri River outside the window? Bev will definitely see me again.

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