Indigo Pallette

Posted on May 30th, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

Today we went to Indigo Pallette for lunch. It is a coffee shop located downtown Sioux City. Indigo Pallette is a coffee shop that also has a restaurant and an art gallery. The main purpose is a coffee shop and art gallery and the restaurant isn’t the main attraction, so I wasn’t expecting too much from them, but I was wrong.

The wait staff here was simply amazing. We has a short wait at the beginning because they had just opened, but were seated immediately and greeted by a nice waitress. She grabbed our drink order, and since today Elder bought rounds, I got a glass of Berringer White Zinfandel.

Their menu says that they don’t serve appetizers until after 4:30PM so we didn’t know if we would be able to order one. We asked our waitress and she okayed it with the chef and they let us order some appetizers. I’m not sure what it was called that we got, but it was tomatos wrapped in mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinaigrette dressing drizzled over it. The texture was a little weird, but I love all kinds of cheese and this was a different but very enjoyable taste. It also had a couple slices of garlic bread on the side that really set it off.

After that for our meal I ordered the house signature, which was the Indigo Burger. This was a half-pound burger with cheddar and pepper jack cheese inside it. She let me know that it would be a little bit of a wait because it was such a huge burger, but that was no big deal since we had our appetizers to keep us occupied.


When it finally came out I was overwhelmed with how big it was. For the side I had fries, which were cut thick. I added the tomato, lettuce, and onion that it came with and I had a whopping sandwich. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it so I turned it upside down so the insides wouldn’t fall out and it was barley able to fit in my mouth. These are the types of burgers I live for.

I would say I finished my burger before some of the other people at my table got halfway through their meals. I am typically a faster than normal eater, but this was so good that I didn’t put it down from the time I picked it up.

To top off the huge burger, I had to order a dessert. I ordered a scoop of ice cream with a baked good that was filled with cream. The ice cream combined with the cream from the pastry was over the top good and made me want to keep eating it even though I was extremely full.


My experience at Indigo Pallette was very good overall. This may not have been the healthiest meal (not living by the blog) but it sure was a tasty meal. The meal with the array of coffee, beer, and an art gallery to gaze at while dining here will surely have me coming back, hopefully with a girl!

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