Posted on May 26th, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew


For Friday, we decided to go to Rebo’s instead of La Juanita’s. It is a restaurant and bar downtown right on 4th street. This place had me really impressed from the minute I walked in. It was on the corner and had a big sign on the outside that would be visible from a lot of directions.

We had got seated right away and the staff came and got our order very promptly for drinks. I decided to get a beer here since it was a bar, and I went with a Coors Light, which is my favorite beer.

By this time in the class we figured out that we should start getting appetizers and sharing them with each other. I ordered the chips with 3-salsa sampler platter. A couple other people got the Caribbean chips and salsa and a hot cheese dip as well. These made me pretty full before my meal even came.

I wanted to try and stay with the healthy kick and ordered shrimp. Although it was bacon-covered shrimp, it was still pretty healthy decision. The side was some rice and some grilled veggies.

The food came out very promptly and was steaming when it got to me. This is probably the fastest I ate a meal throughout May Term so far and there’s good reason for that. This is probably the best meal that I’ve had so far in this class. The shrimp was cooked to perfection and was coated with just the right amount of bacon. The rice was a perfect addition to the shrimp and complimented the appetizers very well.

The presentation of this meal was very professional and you could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo. Their plates all matched a Caribbean theme that they have been trying to go with throughout the whole restaurant and it complimented it good. The portion size was also very nice. It wasn’t skimpy but it also wasn’t overwhelming. It is a meal that you can eat all in one sitting and feel full. The service was pretty good too. I noticed towards the end of our meal there was a long line at the front door, which tells me that this place is very well known and a lot of people like to eat their.

For dessert, I got bananas fosters. This was just the topping on the cake to a great meal. It came out right after I finished my meal and was steaming. The bananas were perfect. For anyone who enjoys a good dessert, this is one that you should reward yourself with.

Overall Rebo’s really made me want to go back. Whether it be for a business lunch or for some drinks at dinner, it was very welcoming and the food was great. They offered a nice variety for someone who is trying to find a nice healthy meal in Sioux land but isn’t to the point where you have to shove the food down your throat to swallow it. You will catch me at Rebo’s in the future.

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