Diamond Thai

Posted on May 26th, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

One Wednesday after I missed two of the Asian culture food restaurants I made it to Diamond Thai. This is the most authentic Thai food you can find in Sioux City. When we arrived parking was a little iffy because we had to walk a block away. Right when we walked in the door I could smell the Thai culture in there.

The walls were decorated very authentic and made me feel like I could be in the middle of Bangkok somewhere. A lady who looked like she was an important person in the business structure greeted us and took us to our seats. She came and got our drink orders. They had coke products but they served them straight from the can. This was weird for me at a restaurant but I went with it.

She was a very friendly waitress and came back to check on us a lot of times. A couple people ordered some appetizers but this is the most skeptical I’ve felt ordering at a restaurant thus far that I decided to pass on that. When she came to take our orders I went with the sweet and sour chicken because I knew it was a safe bet, I mean how can you mess up sweet and sour chicken?

A lot of people ordered the traditional Thai dish of curry, but what it was described to me was not sounding too appetizing and I also didn’t want to be wasting any money or food. When we got our food she was a little confused on who got what because she handed me a plate of noodles, which wasn’t what I got.

Finally when we got everything sorted out I got my food. I was fairly pleased with the presentation until I dug into it. I was expecting a lot more chicken in it. I basically got a plate with a bunch of veggies and a couple small pieces of chicken and some rice. I ate all of my chicken and most of the rice but there was still three quarters of my plate that was full.


I wasn’t too surprised that I wasn’t completely satisfied with this meal because like I said before I was pretty skeptical about it. When I order sweet and sour chicken I can usually get a judge on how a restaurant is. If you can’t get one of the most basic Asian dishes down to satisfy my then I can’t fathom ordering anything else off your menu.

A lot of us got desserts here, as usual, and I went with fried bananas and ice cream. Now this is something that can be pretty hard to mess up as well, and thank goodness that they didn’t! This was the highlight of my meal by far. There was about four or five clumps of bananas and a huge scoop of ice cream. I believe the batter for the fried bananas had a hint of coconut in it, which really set it apart.


If you are a Thai fan then I would recommend this for you but I think for me it’s just the food not the restaurant that wasn’t doing it for me.

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