James Wyatt McGann is 20 years old, and was a former student at Morningside College before transferring to Sioux Falls. McGann has been on the move his entire life, constantly finding new opportunities and working to be the best he can be.

Born in Fort Wainright, Alaska, McGann was raised in a military family. His parents bother were in the army, his father being a purple heart recipient, serving for 23 years.  McGann lived in Fort Wainright very briefly as he moved to Georgia when he was 4. He moved back to Alaska, settling in Palmer when he was 8. McGann then moved to Sioux City, Iowa to attend Morningside College.

As a child, McGann was used to constant change. From different homes, to different schools, to different cultures, Wyatt McGann adapted to new things at an early age. “I learned to hunt in Alaska, play football in Georgia, and wrestle in the Midwest.”

However, learning to accept change meant learning to be resilient. With thousands of miles between himself, his home, his girlfriend, and his family, McGann struggled his freshman year being by himself in a brand new environment. While in wrestling season, McGann tore his ACL and meniscus the 2nd time in his left knee, leaving him handicapped as well.

“It sucked, wrestling was out of the picture, I couldn’t get to class, and I was depressed about being bed ridden away from home. I’m active and I always like doing something. Not being able was really hard,” McGann explained.

Wyatt refused to let his situation ruin him. He began his physical therapy, pushing himself to walk again. His roommate, Alex Pearson shared, “Wyatt was almost crazy. He pushed himself and was up every day trying to do something new.”

After months of physical therapy, McGann is feeling better than ever. Moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to pursue his career as a medcal technician, McGann has worked hard to become successful. “I’ve rented an apartment, began to pay my bills, and am getting straight A’s at my tech school,” exclaimed McGann.

With different stories and experiences, Wyatt McGann is one of a kind. Positive, and always respectful, McGann is living his life to fullest, meeting new people and experiencing new things. Cameron Sherlock, close friend of McGann, says, “I’ve never met someone like Wyatt. He’s always trying something new, and he’s always getting really good at whatever it is, whether it is a video game to lifting weights. Wyatt does it all.”