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Alleigha Sorenson-Carlson, Selfless

Alleigha Sorenson-Carlson enjoys her weekends differently than many her age. Going back home to visit her grandparents on the weekends, Alleigha has a very unlikely friend. Miss Ellis, a neighbor of her grandparents, is 102 years old and enjoys her time with Alleigha. Together, the two enjoy talking about life while eating snacks and playing cards. Miss Ellis tells her stories of the times she was younger and how life was different back in the day. Alleigha shares about her schooling and what she wants to do as she gets older.

Miss Ellis has been a long time neighbor of Alleigha’s grandparents. Being 102, Miss Ellis’ age has begun to take her independence away. She has had troubles being able to do daily routines and house work on her own. Alleigha, selfless in many ways, has taken the opportunity to help her elderly neighbor by cleaning her house and keeping her company when no one else has. She rakes leaves and shovels her snow during the holiday season, and brings leftovers after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

She plans to be a major support when Miss Ellis moves to an assisted living home in the near future. Alleigha says she wants to keep her relationship with Miss Ellis, and is looking forward to her heart to heart talks and card games with her older friend.


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  1. fuglsang

    Nicely done, Mason. A good anecdote to illustrate “selflessness.”

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