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This week I read an article from Fox 2 St. Louis, titled, “Good Samaritan handcuffed after running into burning home.” The article caught my attention as I was scrolling through different sites. The article interested me because there is so much attention on police situations as of lately, whether talking about brutality and/or abuse of power. However, this story was neither, but it still got me to read it.

The article is about Former firefighter and Missouri state representative, Neal St. Onge, and his effort to save a family and put out their house fire. He saw smoke coming from the neighborhood and went to investigate. He found that the back of the house was beginning to burn. He had his passenger call 911 while he got into the house to make sure everyone got out. When the police arrived, he did not comply with their commands and continued to do what he thought was right. He ended up in the back of a police car and was ticketed for not complying with an officer. He doesn’t regret what he did.

This article was well written. The story is not what I expected, but it was interesting. It is a feel good news story about a stranger going to help those in need, even if it gets him in trouble. The article uses several quotes and paraphrases throughout the story. The lede was very good, as it pulled me in as well as gave me a general overview of the story.


Good Samaritan handcuffed after running into burning home


  1. fuglsang

    Comments on your “Couple Shoot” story: The throwaway/soft lead could end after “hostile.” Then begin the news lead that Laurette was shot and is in the hospital. Good introduction of quotes. Good organization. Nicely descriptive.

  2. fuglsang

    This could be applied to a news media example. Reporters are often fined, and sometimes detained/arrested for not complying with officers. Too often it is because the officers do not want the media attention.

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