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This week, I read an article that was meant to be a feel good story. The article was titled, “Webster Groves boy, 11, gets kidney from his dad.” The story is originally from KMOV St. Louis. The article begins talking about Webster Groves not having the chance to be a kid and how the transplant is changing that. Groves is being given a kidney by his father, giving him a chance that he may survive his condition.

I was looking around CNN when I found this story. I was reading in the section of “around the nation” when the lede caught my attention. I think this story could fall under the category of being interesting and freak story. There are lots of cases of adults having kidney replacements, but this story is about an 11-year-old boy. The story is also bizarre and different because he got the kidney from his father. In the story, there are many uses of direct quotes. It is not a long article, but I thought it was a good story. The story is from St. Louis and was big enough to be picked up by CNN. The story is a feel good story that wants the audience to root for the health of the 11-year-old child. They put a link at the end of the article if you want to follow the journey of Groves and his transplant.

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  1. The boy is a fine Irish lad named Finnegan Shannon, who lives in Webster Groves. It’s OK as an overcoming diversity story. The print story is nothing special. I didn’t watch the video, but since this is a TV station, I will assume it is better. (The print version looks like a transcript, so maybe it relies on good video.)

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