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This week in class we covered ledes and creating a news story. Looking at different news sites, I found a very interesting lede on Fox news. The lede was titled, “As Hurricane Irma nears, Florida sheriff warns sex offenders at shelters will be arrested.” I thought that this was a very good lede. It addressed the topic and gave a general idea of the news story. The story itself was very eye catching and had me interested to read more.

The news article was written after Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd tweeted that sex offenders and those with warrants would be arrested if they showed up at a shelter. Many are evacuating Florida and the surrounding area because of hurricane Irma, a large category 5 hurricane. Judd said that there would be officers at every shelter checking I.D.s and liscences.

This has caused lots of controversy between people, as some agree that sex offenders and wanted criminals live along families and children, and others think that it isn’t right when there is no where else to go. Many people are just trying to find a place to stay safe.

Overall, I think it is a dumb statement to make. I realize that it is your duty to protect and serve, but you might put more people in danger as they are afraid to find safety because they are scared of being arrested. I also think that families should be safe from danger, but overall, getting shelter from the hurricane is the most important. I thought this lede was organized and gave a general idea, while making the audience want to read more.

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  1. What you quote is the headline, but the lede is similar and is straightforward. (It is also so much FOX.) It also seems to be using this new style of including tweets as part of the report. I’m not sure I’m down with that.

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